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FAQ for Transitioning to Fresh Food

Saint Rocco’s is now offering fresh dog food. Why? Because your dog (and our dog, too!) deserves to have the highest quality food all the time, not just when being treated. 

Since fresh dog food is new to many people, we created this FAQ to help you understand its benefits and how to transition your dog to our healthy, real dog food. 


What are the benefits of fresh dog food?

Simply put, it’s healthier. Our food is cooked slowly to preserve nutrients. No preservatives means no chemicals that might be unhealthy for your dog. Many people who switch to fresh food for their pets notice their pets have more energy and are more alert, have brighter eyes, and have well-formed stool – which is a sign of good health.


What’s in Saint Rocco’s Fresh Dog Food?

Just as with our dog treats, we only use only fresh, whole foods and human-grade ingredients and add no fillers or preservatives. The ingredients in our Beef Entree include Beef, Beef Heart, Beef Liver, Barley, Sweet Potato, Green Beans, Parsley, Bone Meal, Saint Rocco’s Mineral Mix, Sunflower Oil, and Sea Salt.


Can I just switch my dog tomorrow to your fresh food?

When switching your dog to any new food, it’s important to transition over a period of time. This is especially true if transitioning your dog from dry kibble to our wonderful fresh foods. Your dog’s digestive system needs to get used to a new diet and new ingredients. Following the guide below makes for a smooth transition:


What if my dog has a history of health issues?

If your dog has stomach issues or other health problems, we encourage you to consult your veterinarian before making the change. Show your vet our ingredient list to help you determine what type of food is best for your dog.


How should I transition my dog to your fresh dog food?

Dogs with little to no food sensitivities can simply follow the 7 day schedule above. Dogs with sensitive stomachs should take 11-14 days and follow the guidelines below:

Day 1: Treat the fresh food like a treat on the first day, giving your dog a quarter cup in his food bowl. He will probably gobble it up and want more, but don’t give him more yet. Watch for any stomach upset. It should not be a problem, but some dogs are sensitive to change and you may have to go a little slower.

Days 2 to 4: If all is well, try replacing 20% of your dog’s current food for a few days. You can feed it to him separately or mix it in if it would work with the food he’s already used to. 

Days 5 to 7: Increase to 40% Saint Rocco’s Fresh Food and 60% of the current food. At this point, your dog may be showing a strong preference for our food (if fed separately) or be gobbling up his food with new enthusiasm (if mixing it in).

Days 8 to 10: Increase Saint Rocco’s food to 70% of your dog’s meal. You can increase to 100% sooner if you wish.

By Day 11 to 14, your dog should be 100% transitioned to Saint Rocco’s Fresh Food. 

We are completely confident that your dog will love our Fresh Food, which is made by hand in our Bucks County kitchens. Let us know how your canine friend improves in health and vitality after the switch to our food!

Contact us at with any questions!

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