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Welcome to Saint Rocco's - Where flavor & aroma are our top priority

Our Made-To-Break, Crumb-Free, High-Value Training Treats & Rewards

The treat texture & flavor you've been searching for!

Each treat we deliver is hand-crafted in our Bucks County, PA kitchen using our 48 hour artisan baking process.

We use limited ingredient recipes and are committed to the finest & freshest ingredients.

Our treats offer you an easy-to-break, crumb-free texture with a smell and flavor that will enable you to gain & keep your dogs' attention; no matter how picky they are or how distracting the environment you're in.

Alaskan Cod

from $23.99

Seafood Sampler Bundle

from $23.99

Specialty Bundle

from $28.49

Training Bundle

from $34.99

Chicken Sampler Bundle

from $21.99

Beef Sampler Bundle

from $21.99

Top Sellers Bundle



from $23.99

Meat Lover

from $23.99

Salmon Treats

from $23.99

Chicken and Sweets

from $23.99

Beef and Pumpkin

from $23.99

Beef and Bacon

from $23.99

Chicken and Honey

from $23.99

Our Picky Eater Approved Sprinkles

Why our Sprinkles

Is your dog not finishing their meals?
Or, are you looking for a way to make meal time more delicious for them?

Saint Rocco's Sprinkles are a healthy, limited-ingredient, & high-protein way to enhance the flavor of your dogs' food.

Our sprinkles can be used as a meal topper and mixer that will give your dog sustained satisfaction, no matter how picky they are!

Alaskan Cod Sprinkles

from $23.99

Beef Sprinkles

from $23.99

Chicken Sprinkles

from $23.99

Salmon Sprinkles

from $23.99

Sprinkle Bundles

from $23.99

Top Sellers Bundle


Saint Rocco's Bully Sticks

from $30.00

Our Gently Cooked Entrees

Homemade Quality, Without the Hassle

Our Gently Cooked Entrees are handmade in our Bucks County, PA kitchen.

Each Entrée includes just 10 carefully selected, premium ingredients.

Each complete & balanced recipe was formulated by a renowned dog nutritionist to guarantee our entrees provide your dog with the vitmains & minerals they need to thrive.

Our Entrees can be served as a complete meal as well as a picky eater approved meal topper and mixer!

On Sale

Saint Rocco's Cod & Salmon Entree

from $13.99 $69.95

Entree Sampler


Saint Rocco's Beef Entree

from $12.99

Saint Rocco's Poultry Entree

from $12.99

Simple Ingredients You Recognize & Quality They Deserve

Are you searching for recipes with ingredients you recognize?

Or, do you need high-quality treats, meal toppers, and complete & balanced meals that won't impact your dogs sensitive stomach or allergies?

Our treat, sprinkle & entrée recipes include ONLY premium and carefully selected ingredients.

Ground Beef
This ground beef is good enough to make hamburgers with, but instead we use it to fuel our all-natural dog treats.
Chicken Breast
We only use chicken breasts in our chicken treats, to ensure it is the best meat possible for your dog.
Vegetable Oil
Just a touch is used, to create an easier-to-break, "rippable" jerky that is both nutritious and delicious.
Potato Flour
The perfect binding agent for our all-natural and artisan crafted dog treats.
Saint Rocco's Seasoning
A mix of Turmeric, Salt, & Paprika to naturally preserve our treats & meal toppers.

Our Treats, Sprinkles & Entrees are Hand Crafted Daily

Our treats, sprinkles, & entrees bring you and your dog the benefits of homemade quality, without any of the hassle!

Each treat, sprinkle, & entree we deliver is hand-crafted in our
Bucks County, PA kitchen using our 48 hour artisan baking process.

Each products' process begins with a limited ingredient recipe and a commitment to the finest & freshest ingredients.

The results are dog treats, meal toppers, & food that are picky eater approved, safe for sensitive stomachs and have an unmatched smell & taste to prevent flavor fatigue.

Why professional dog trainers enjoy Saint Rocco's!

Saint Rocco’s Process

Every Saint Rocco’s treat, sprinkle, & entree is handcrafted and baked fresh daily to ensure the ultimate freshness and quality for our furry friends!

Pawfect, No Filter!

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