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Sniff Around Our Fresh Baked, Human-Grade Dog Treats & Food

The perfect treats, meal toppers, & food for picky eaters & training!
Our fresh-baked, small-batch process & human-grade ingredients create irresistible flavor for picky eaters & distracting training environments.

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Saint Rocco's Holiday Box (Regular Size)

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Saint Rocco's Holiday Box (Large Size)

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Meat Lover

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Salmon Treats

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Saint Rocco's Sprinkles

from $20.00

Training Bundle

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Top Sellers Bundle

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Chicken Sampler Bundle


Beef Sampler Bundle


Saint Rocco's Bully Sticks

from $30.00

Saint Rocco's Beef Entree

from $12.00

Saint Rocco's Poultry Entree

from $12.00

Entree Sampler


Chicken and Sweets

from $19.99

Savory Red Meat

from $19.99

Simple Ingredients You Recognize & Quality They Deserve

Are you searching for simple, high-quality treats, meal toppers, and full meals that won't impact your dogs sensitive stomach or allergies?

Our treat, sprinkle & entrée recipes include ONLY premium human-grade ingredients.

Human Grade Beef
This ground beef is good enough to make hamburgers with, but instead we use it to fuel our all-natural dog treats.
Human Grade Chicken
We only use chicken breasts in our human-grade treats, to ensure it is the best meat possible for your dog.
Vegetable Oil
Just a touch is used, to create an easier-to-break, "rippable" jerky that is both nutritious and delicious.
Potato Flour
The perfect binding agent for our all-natural and artisan crafted dog treats.
Saint Rocco's Seasoning
A mix of Turmeric, Salt, & Paprika to naturally preserve our treats & meal toppers.

Our Treats & Food are Hand Crafted Daily

Our treats, sprinkles, & entrees are homemade quality, made for you!
They will impress even the pickiest tastebuds and spoil dogs of all ages and sizes.
Our easy-to-break, crumb-free texture combined with our picky eater approved quality make our treats an ideal high-value training treat.

Who Let The Paws Out?

Saint Rocco’s Process

Every Saint Rocco’s treat, sprinkle, & entree is handcrafted and baked fresh daily to ensure the ultimate freshness and quality for our furry friends!

Pawfect, No Filter!

Saint Rocco’s Mission

We donate $1 to local dog rescues for every 1lb of treats sold. Give a treat to give back today! To learn more about our partner rescues, paw the links below

Phoenix Assistance Dogs of Central PA.


Logan's Heroes Animal Rescue Inc.

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