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ALASKAN COD IS HERE --- low in fat, HIGH in deliciousness

Simple Ingredients You Recognize & Quality They Deserve

Are you searching for high-quality treats, meal toppers, and full meals that won't impact your dogs sensitive stomach or allergies?

Our treat, sprinkle & entrée recipes include ONLY premium human-grade ingredients.

Handcrafted in our small batch kitchen, not a mass production facility

Every Saint Rocco’s treat, sprinkle, & entree is handcrafted and baked fresh daily to ensure the ultimate freshness and quality for our furry friends!
We take our limited ingredient recipes and mix them to perfection.

Each mix is hand pressed into baking trays.

Each tray is oven baked fresh upon order.

Each oven baked loaf is deli sliced by our kitchen team.

And voila, our fresh-baked, locally made, treats are ready for enjoyment!
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