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The Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Salmon

Is your dog a picky eater? Do you like to give your dog a variety of healthy food options? We are thrilled to announce the addition of salmon to our line of dog treat flavors. Your picky eater is going to love this new flavor and you will have peace of mind knowing your dog is eating a nutritious snack. 

If your dog is a picky eater, our salmon is a perfect solution. Dogs love and are naturally attracted to the smell, texture, and taste of real salmon. With this in mind, we use only human-grade salmon in our dog treats (not sprayed on flavor) so your dog will receive all of the health benefits while experiencing a favorite taste.  

In fact, our salmon is of the highest quality. It is not just “human-grade” but it is wild-caught Alaskan salmon and delivered to our store quickly for cooking. Additionally, the salmon is traceable which means we know the boat that caught the fish and can guarantee its fishing protocols. This ensures that safe and environmentally sound practices are used. We here at Saint Rocco’s, wouldn’t have it any other way.  


Is it safe for your dog to eat salmon? 

Yes, it is! In fact, salmon is not only safe for your pet but it is loaded with benefits. And, since we use only high-quality fish, your dog will get ALL of the benefits from eating salmon while enjoying the great natural taste. 


Why is Salmon so healthy for your dog? 

There are several reasons why salmon is healthy for your dog, including: 

1. Salmon is a protein and protein is critical for pet health

Just like humans, dogs need protein for regular and normal body functions. Proteins contain amino acids that are essential to maintaining healthy skin and hair. Protein is also the key component to muscle development and repair. It is important that your dog eat an appropriate amount of protein every day and eating salmon is a great way to meet this critical dietary need. 

2. Omega-3s

Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to aid in proper brain and eye development in canines. For older dogs, omega-3s can also help ease arthritis, reduce mobility issues, and provide support for property cognitive functioning. For dogs of all ages, omega-3s improve immune systems and boost heart and kidney health.

Just like proteins, omega-3s are critical for your dog to maintain a healthy-looking coat and soft skin. Additionally, they protect against certain skin diseases, acting as a natural skin moisturizer for your dog. This healthy barrier can also help if your dog is prone to skin problems including dry, itchy skin and redness on a regular basis. Salmon and its omega-3s can be part of the solution to solving your pet’s skin problems. 

Most dogs will experience some mobility issues in their life due to joint pain. The possibility of this increases as they age as well as when they experience an injury. The omega-3s in salmon contains antioxidant properties that can reduce inflammation and the impact of joint disease. 

3. Salmon is loaded with vitamins

In addition to being a fantastic source of protein and omega 3s, salmon is naturally loaded with vitamins including B12, niacin, B5, riboflavin, thiamin, and folic acid. These nutrients play an important role in protecting cells and keeping the body healthy, boosting immunity, and fighting infection.

When you introduce salmon to your dog’s diet, remember to do so over time. We have our best tips for you here and you can also ask your veterinarian for guidance. We recommend giving just a small piece on the first day and then wait to ensure your dog can tolerate the new food. Then, over the next few days introduce a bit more, working up to an amount that fits into their diet.

There are many reasons why a varied diet is great for your dog. And here at Saint Rocco’s we are proud to offer human-grade dog treats in various flavors so your best furry friend stays as healthy as possible. We look forward to answering any questions you have and of course…meeting your dog! 

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