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How to Be a Great “Grandparent” to a Dog

If your adult children have a dog that visits frequently, you are going to want to have healthy dog treats on hand for when the pet visits. Whether you have your own grandchildren or not, it’s hard not to love your grown kids’ pets. They bring your children – and their children – so much joy that you feel like they’re part of your extended family. So when your children visit you and bring their dog with them, what should you do? Pamper, of course! That’s what grandparents are for!

Of course, you don’t want to encourage your grandchildren – human or canine – to break any important rules that their parents have set. For dogs, that may mean not letting the dog jump up on you if your child is trying to train him not to jump. But there are other ways you can spoil your granddog rotten, and he’ll love you for it. 


Dog-proofing Your home

The first thing to do is to make sure your house is safe for the dog. It’s not unlike “babyproofing” your home. You need to get things out of reach that might be dangerous for the dog. If your child’s pet is tall, or if the pet is smaller and tends to jump up on furniture, this means surfaces such as coffee tables, counters, nightstands, and kitchen tables need to be free of items that the dog might chew on and fragile things that he might knock over. Get rid of wobbly or swinging chairs that might shift when the dog jumps on them, possibly toppling over and breaking items or hurting the dog.

If you use space heaters or fireplaces, make sure they are either turned off or blocked off from the dog when he visits. Keep cords and plugs out of reach. Consider installing child-proof latches on low cabinets that contain food or cleaning items and contain your trashcan. Keep all medications, even supplements, in a high cabinet. And remember, chocolate can make dogs very sick, so never have any chocolate out when the dog comes to visit.

After dog-proofing, make your home inviting for your granddog. Have a special bed and bowl set aside for him. Get some fun dog toys so he has something to do when he comes to visit. If you can, have an enclosed area outside where the dog can safely play. And, of course, have the best treats.


Treats for your granddog

Find out what your dog’s favorite food is and have it at your home. Our Saint Rocco’s Sprinkles are the perfect size for a little treat when he walks through the door. You can easily treat him throughout his visit, as grandparents do, with these little sprinkles without spoiling his appetite or adding many calories. Saint Rocco’s Venison Bones come in a set of three and give him a terrific chew experience while providing him with super nutrition at the same time.

If you ever babysit overnight, consider having our fresh-frozen dog food on hand. If he isn’t already eating it and your kids have brought his regular food from home, add a little dollop of our Beef Entrée to his food. Sometimes when away from home, dogs can get nervous or confused and lose their appetite. Having his familiar food, plus something yummy on top, will provide him with a sense of comfort along with something that is so good, it tastes like a treat to him! 

Just visiting your children and want to treat the dog? Carry a baggy of our Sprinkles or our other treats cut up into smaller pieces and your visit will be a source of great excitement for your granddog. 

So, rules of grandparenting a dog – pamper like any grandparent would. Make sure the environment is both safe and inviting, and keep plenty of Saint Rocco’s treats on hand to make the visit extra memorable for you both. You’ll quickly be his favorite grandparent!

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