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Saint Rocco's Treats | What Dog Treats Are Healthy for a Puppy?

Dogs love treats, just like people do. But just as we need to choose healthy treats for ourselves and eat them in moderation, we need to do the same for our dogs. This is especially true with puppies, whose bodies are still growing. Food choices at this age can affect how healthy your puppy will be as an adult dog.  


What's in your dog treats?

You want to feed your new puppy the best treats. Their little tummies are sensitive, simply because they haven’t been eating for very long yet. That’s one reason why our five-ingredient, handmade treats are perfect for puppies. We always use human-grade ingredients and no harmful preservatives or manufacturing practices that destroy nutrients, and we make them by hand right in our Bucks County, PA gourmet dog kitchen. 
When choosing a dog treat, read the label. Avoid dog food and treats that include anything you have never heard of or can’t pronounce. Avoid anything with artificial flavors or colors, added sugar or salt, preservatives, and trans fats. Food that is high in fillers and low in protein should also be avoided.  
And don’t forget natural foods such as vegetables or fruit. Try a small carrot or a slice of apple. While dogs are primarily carnivores, adding a few healthy, fresh fruits or vegetables into their diet as a treat will expand their palette and provide necessary fiber to help them digest their food. 


How to treat your dog 

When giving your dog treats, remember that moderation is key. Most veterinarians recommend the 10% rule – only 10% of calories should come from treats and snacks. All of our treat packages include suggested daily feeding amounts for that particular snack based on the weight of your dog. Remember to subtract these calories from your dog’s overall food intake. You don’t want your puppy to become overweight. 
High protein snacks are consistent with the natural diet of a dog. Most of our treats consist of 50% or more protein, and we sweeten only with sweet potatoes and locally-grown honey.  
At Saint Rocco’s Treats, we are dog lovers and are committed to helping keep dogs healthy and safe. Because of that commitment, we donate $1 to local dog rescues for every pound of treats we sell. 
If you’re new to Saint Rocco’s Treats, we encourage you to try our chicken sampler box or our beef sampler box (or both!) to see what treats your dog likes the most. We hand-deliver locally. Contact us today to provide the paw-fect treats for your dog! 
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