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Event Team

Saint Rocco’s Treats Event Team:

Role Summary: Tap this link to learn more!

Our PART-TIME event team role is essential to the Saint Rocco’s Treats family & mission.

As a Rocco’s Rep, you will be the face of Saint Rocco’s Treats at every local event you attend.

Location of events:

  • Southeastern PA = Easton to Philly & New Jersey to Kennet Square
  • We only require a representative to travel up to 45 minutes one way, and all travel is reimbursed.


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Call/Text Randi: 215 872 1583

Looking for more information?

Tap this link or Continue below:

As a Rocco’s Rep:

  1. You are the face of Saint Rocco’s Treats.
  2. You will be free to choose the events you would like to attend throughout the year.

Your role includes but is not limited to the following:

    • Attaining knowledge of the ingredients and processes used to create our treats. Understanding the texture/toughness and the variety of uses for our treats.
    • Being aware of our competitive advantages vs. other dog treat providers, all while showcasing an ability/skill/openness to express these advantages to a customer and engage customers in a very welcoming way.
This role sounds much harder in writing than it truly is. We need people who love dogs, enjoy interacting with people, and are passionate about learning more about Saint Rocco’s Treats and the dog treat industry in general.
  • You are NOT expected to have the knowledge needed to fulfill this role immediately.
  • Our experienced representatives will help you prepare with training sessions and market experience before attending events on your own!
  • You will be provided free Saint Rocco’s merch and an exclusive promo code for our treats.
  • You will be expected to set up and tear down our event supplies (unless you are physically incapable).
  • You’ll be expected to carry up to 30lbs.
  • You’ll be expected to transport our event supplies.
  • Our event supplies can fit into any sized car.
  • We will provide training and a video on how our event stand should be set up.

Pay: Your hourly pay includes all travel, set-up time, & market time.

Saint Rocco’s Treats will reimburse gas for all travel.

During training (1-2 markets): $12 an hour.

Post-training (all markets on your own): Minimum pay of $16 an hour (including travel time and set up time) but can exceed that (based on commission pay) if sales are strong.


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